Zero Discharge System


Zero Discharge System

Few things can shut down manufacturing quicker than the EPA. Compliance is never an option; it’s mandatory.

Recently, Mineral Masters assisted a manufacturing firm that was rinsing its parts with excessive amounts of water in an effort to dilute the waste stream to an acceptable parts per million concentration. In doing so, the firm could flush this waste stream down the drain as long as it was below its discharge limits. In recent years, the company had exceeded its limits on occasion and needed a lower-cost solution. The ongoing oversight was exhausting and distracting.

Mineral Masters showed up to design a zero-discharge solution, which consolidated the waste and recycled the water. Mineral Masters implemented a fully automated system, eliminating the nagging compliance problem. The zero-discharge system eliminated the need for discharge and compliance testing, relieving the team at the firm from constant vigilance. No longer did the company need 17,000 gallons of fresh water each month, reducing the company’s expense by approximately $60,000 a year.

Great projects

To solve complex waste water and fluids issues often requires a combination of chemistry, mechanical engineering, and on site installation of the new system. Here are four great projects that solved nagging compliance problems.