RO System


RO System

Recently a manufacturing firm had problems with chloride contamination in the city water coming into its plant. The water was corroding the parts, and to fix part of the problem the firm was renting Calgon de-ionizers to the tune of $100,000 a year.

Mineral Masters showed up by designing and installing an RO system with a twist - a kidney looped system that passed water through a RO membrane until the water was pure. Then, it repurposed the remaining water into non potable water for flushing toilets. Mineral Masters installed all piping for the non potable water. The non potable concentrate water, usually poured down the drain, was repurposed through its own pressurized system to flush toilets and wash floors. This saved the firm an estimated 2,000 gallons of water per day along with associated water and sewer costs.

Also, the system saved the manufacturing $100,000 a year in rental expenses. The ROI for Mineral Masters to design and install the mechanical system was less than a year.

Great projects

To solve complex waste water and fluids issues often requires a combination of chemistry, mechanical engineering, and on site installation of the new system. Here are four great projects that solved nagging compliance problems.