Computer Automated Finishing Room


Computer Automated Finishing Room

A manufacturing firm approached Mineral Masters to assist their finishing department, which was responsible for taking the burrs off metal parts. Their process philosophy was out of date. Consequently, this became a bottleneck in plant production.

Mineral Masters showed up by designing and installing a mechanical system that upgraded the plant’s finishing process. The new computerized system sprinkled a neutral chemical in the vibratory de-burring machines to create a more consistent, better de-burred product. Mineral Masters created and synthesized the neutral chemical (in contrast to an acid-based process) and added a rust preventative to the steel parts, to keep them from rusting while they sat in storage.

The new, efficient automated process eliminated the production bottleneck.

Mineral Masters designed all of the chemistry for the system and now produces the ongoing chemicals for the firm. Before, the manufacturing firm was spending $150,000 a year in chemicals. After Mineral Masters had implemented the system, the chemical expenses were only $50,000 a year. Within eight months, the system had paid for itself.

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