Custom Made Chemistry

Mineral Masters synthesizes and blends chemical solutions that are engineered specifically for our customers. We provide solutions to problems that need a customized approach.

Waste Water Treatment

This is one of our core competencies - applying chemical solutions to chronic waste water problems. Chemical treatment may involve coagulation, flocculation, clarification, odor control, or other solutions. We also apply biological treatments for customers in metal finishing.

Pool Chemistry

Mineral Masters manufactures solutions for pool chemistry needs. Because we operate our own fleet of trucks, we offer mini bulk pricing and delivery, tank installations, and reduced transportation costs. We serve park districts, high schools and universities.

Commodity Chemistry

Mineral Masters synthesizes and manufactures many custom chemical solutions for our customers. Mineral Masters also packages commodity chemicals, like hydrochloric acid, with bulk pricing and distribution.

We Also Offer Specialty Cleaners

At Mineral Masters, we design and manufacture specialty and commodity cleaners for our customers. Whether it’s floor cleaners, hand soap or solutions for parts washers, our specialty cleaners solve complex problems. We also design and manufacture a specialty cleaner that is sprayed on Metra trains. It cleans the metal without damaging the plastic glass of the windows.

Specialty Cleaners

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • About Drew Bassi: “Drew is an egghead chemistry guy, yet he has a way of explaining what he does in laymen’s terms. Drew is down to earth, easy to deal with, and hands on.”
  • About Mineral Masters: “They design the solution, fab it out, and install it. The ROI comes back quickly.”
  • About Expertise: “If you’re talking about zero discharge – metal deposits that you can’t dump down the drain - there is no one better than Mineral Masters.”
  • About Competency: “Mineral Masters takes chemistry and applies it to everyday business operations. You are more cost effective, have zero discharge and are environmentally compliant.”