Mineral Masters is a provider of customized chemical solutions for manufacturing firms with waste water and fluids issues. We work to relieve our customers from the costs and headaches of unresolved compliance and environmental issues. We solve complex water problems with creative, environmentally compliant chemistry.

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How We
Show Up

Mineral Masters synthesizes environmentally compliant chemistry that contributes to continuous improvement for our customers’ processes. We then engineer, manufacture, and install the mechanical systems that solve long-term water and fluids problems.

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Mineral Masters is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and serves manufacturing firms in these industries: Metal Finishing, Machining, Automotive, Food Processing, Mining and Minerals, and Leather Tanning.

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Once the compliance problems are resolved, we often produce the ongoing chemical products needed by our customers to stay in compliance. We also package a variety of products for pool chemistry and other uses.

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Great projects

Solving complex waste water and fluids issues often requires a combination of chemistry, mechanical engineering, and on-site installation of the new system. Here are five great projects that solved nagging compliance problems.